Simple trend?

Do I see a trend of software becoming simpler? Yes and no.

Let’s look at cars. Many people think Ford’s Model T was the “first car”. It wasn’t. Or they think it was the first mass produced car. It wasn’t that either.

One of the big reasons for its success however was because it was simple to fix. Owners could often fix it themselves and buy parts at hardware stores. Handy, especially when the concept of car mechanics wasn’t widespread yet.

You’re not fixing your car today. They’ve become exponentially more complex. But, now there’s a push back to simpler cars. Tesla simplified the dashboard by removing most of it. And if your Tesla needs improvements, many things can now just happen automatically with software updates. Like “Chill” mode that was released yesterday which provides a smoother, gentler ride.

Or look at CRMs. We have plenty of people who come to Highrise because they need something simple for their small business. They don’t need to learn another thing on top of the billion other things they’re juggling to run their business. But a couple years go by and Salesforce catches their eye. It’s got a ton of reports that might improve their business. Artificial intelligence!? Who doesn’t need that we’re told.

But then we see many of these Salesforce jumpers, come right on back to Highrise. “We realized we didn’t need all that stuff. The new things just got in the way.”

So, if you’re trying to strategize on what’s going to be trendy in business and software next year, I wouldn’t worry about “simple”. It might not be as buzzy today as it was yesterday, but it’s always in.

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