Ivanka Trump Comes Down To Earth In A $35 Dress From Target

For just one day, Ivanka Trump has ditched her designer duds for a more down-to-earth approach.

The 35-year-old special advisor to the President Trump stepped out in a $35 dress from Target on Monday (and it’s actually on sale right now for $17.50). The simple black dress with a ruffled bottom and two lilies is from Victoria Beckham’s line for Target. As of now, the dress is still available on the retailer’s website. 

Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Ivanka Trump attends an event in Washington, DC on Monday.


A shot of the dress for sale at Target. 

When first stepping out for the day, Trump paired the dress with a black purse, lace-up black heels and minimal jewelry. To see those exclusive pictures, head over to the Daily Mail. 

Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Ivanka Trump wears the dress on Monday as President Trump announces the modernization of the nation’s air traffic control system in Washington, DC.

Ivanka’s look is a far cry from the typical designer labels the Trumps tend to favor.

During Melania Trump’s first official trip as first lady, she drew ire by wearing a $51,500 Dolce & Gabbana jacket in Italy. The median American family income in 2015 was $55,775. 


First lady Melania Trump arrives for a visit at the Chierici Palace City Hall of Catania on May 26. 


The $51k Dolce & Gabbana dress above. 

We can’t wait to see if Ivanka pulls more Target out of her closet. 

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